Introduction of the museum
The Opium War Museum (Share personnel with Humen Lin Zexu Memorial Hall and the Naval War Museum) is located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is a monumental and ruin-themed museum with a management area of 800,000 square meters, which is responsible for protecting Lin Zexu's old site of the Opium Burning Pool and Humen Fort, collecting and studying the history of Lin Zexu destroying opium at Humen, and the history of the Opium War, and carrying out patriotic education. The site of Lin Zexu's opium burning pool and Humen Fortress managed by the museum is an important cultural relic of the Opium War period. It is a national key cultural relics protection unit, carrying the opening of China's modern history and the opening of China's dream. After years of development, the Opium War Museum has become a national patriotism education demonstration base, a national anti-drug education base, a national defense education base, and AAAA-level tourist attractions. Since 1990, more than 70 party and state leaders have visited in person and 120 million visitors have visited the museum.

Name of cultural relic: Qing Dynasty "police cruise ship" silver three-masted sailing model

21 cm in length, 5.9 cm in width, 23.6 cm in height; weighs 313 grams. The silver sailing model raises three sails, the top of the sails hangs the flag, the front of the stern is engraved with the words " police cruise ship ", the front row with seven small cannons, the stern on both sides lay the arbors, forks, axes and other long weapons. There are three people on board, seven cannons are set up, five pairs of pulp are placed on both sides of the ship, and there are two anchors on the bow. The base of the ship is a wavy hollow wood carving.

The works are required to dig deep into the connotation, and have originality, uniqueness, artistry and design sense, including but not limited to stationery and toys, living household goods, handicrafts, tourist souvenirs, printed materials, and clothing.

Qing Dynasty "police cruise ship" silver three-masted sailing model

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