Introduction of the museum
Founded in 1929, the Guangzhou Museum is one of the earliest comprehensive museums in the country. In 2016, it was named a national first-class museum. The building was built in 1380 and is the landmark of Guangzhou Old Town. The permanent exhibition "Citymark·City History-Guangzhou Historical Exhibition" in the building shows the historical and cultural and urban development trajectories of Guangzhou for thousands of years. With the Sanyuanli People's Anti-British Combat Memorial Hall and the "March.29" Uprising Command Site Memorial Hall also under its jurisdiction. The Guangzhou Museum is dedicated to the collection, research, display and promotion of Guangzhou's history and culture. It is dedicated to presenting the city's charm to local citizens and tourists at home and abroad, and building a cultural exchange platform between Guangzhou and many cities at home and abroad.

Name of culture relic: Green flower butterfly Guangdong satin

1. The age of creation of the collection: the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
2. Creation area of the collection: Made in Guangzhou in the Qing Dynasty
3. Introduction of the collection:
The green flower butterfly Guangdong satin is the first-class cultural relics in our library. The pattern and the workmanship is exquisite, representing the higher level of the Qing Dynasty satin. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the butterfly picture is a common decorative pattern of porcelain and silk, especially suitable for handicrafts in the Lingnan area. In the Qing Dynasty, Guangdong satin was well-known at home and abroad and was exported to Europe and the United States. In the mid-19th century, it was once the only designated silk product of foreign companies. The Guangdong satin expression method is unique, the decorative effect is very strong, the contours and lines of the pattern are clear, and the color matching is bright and complicated without chaos. The products are sold well at home and abroad, and are also common tributes of the Qing Dynasty customs. The use of color contrast results in a dazzling and warm visual effect.

Theme “Splendid Life”, works can be developed into boutique gifts, fashion apparel, accessories and fashion products.

Green flower butterfly Guangdong satin

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